PRO-W #2 Edit

PRO-W #2 took place on November 13th, 2015 at a retirement home in Orland-oh, Florida.

The event received no reviews what so ever from any fan or critic except from Gerald who groaned loudly when asked if he liked the show or not. PRO-W claimed an attendance figure of 32 elderly people.[1]

Results Edit

No. Results Stipulation
1 Albert The River def. Itsuki Kusottare Semi-Final of the PRO-W World Heavyweight Championship tournament
2 Lloyd Steele def. Angel Fischer
3 Ass Kicking Organization def. The Towel Heads
4 Aaron Sweet def. SK Brown
5 The Rock def. Jeffrey K. Olsen
6 The Ring Kings def. Fuck Canada[2]
7 Thug Life def. Mr. Extreme (c) Hardcore match for the PRO-W Hardcore Championship
8 Triple H def. Jayden Lewis Semi-Final of the PRO-W World Heavyweight Championship tournament

[1] - The event started with an audience of 33. Mrs. Gomez passed away during a commercial break.

[2] - During this match John Hill managed to remove The Cool Guy's arm from his body. PRO-W Owner Vince McMahon made an announcement after the show ended that The Ring Kings will be stripped of their World Tag Team Championships because of The Cool Guy's injury, so next show Fuck Canada will fight Team KICK and the Ass Kicking Organization for the vacated titles. He also said that when Cool Guy returns from his surgery, he and his partner Alex Price will be awarded the World Tag Team titles back because of Cool Guy's bravery for still pinning his opponent even after getting his arm ripped off.

Cool Guy