PRO-W #3 Edit

PRO-W #3 took place on November 20th, 2015 at Full Sail University in Orland-oh, Florida.

The event received bad reactions because the Full Sail crowd was expecting a NXT show but instead they were fooled by Vince McMahon who made it look like there was going to be a special NXT event but ended up being a shitty PRO-W event. Surprisingly, the Full Sail crowd didn't boycott the show but instead acted like they usually do by chanting obnoxious things all the time and trying to get themselves over. PRO-W claimed an attendance figure of 100 smelly college teens and Izzy.

Results Edit

No. Results Stipulation
1 Itsuki Kusottare def. Jayden Lewis #1 Contendership for the PRO-W World Heavyweight Championship
2 Chris def. Matt Hardy
3 The Rock def. John Cena
4 Team KICK def. Ass Kicking Organization Tag Team match for the World Tag Team Championships
5 Aaron Sweet def. Ethan Stone #1 Contendership for the PRO-W Intercontinental Championship
6 OKAMI def. Thug Life (c) Hardcore match for the PRO-W Hardcore Championship
7 Triple H def. Albert The River Finals of the tournament for the PRO-W World Heavyweight Championship